Aviation English programmes for

associates of APROCTA

Climb Level 4’ is the leading online, self-study programme for pilots and ATCO’s aiming to reach ICAO Level 4 or 5.
Curriculum Climb Level 4’s comprehensive curriculum provides personalized instruction to achieve ICAO Level 4 or Level 5 proficiency - in either a British or American accent: Vocabulary: The vocabulary exercises have been designed to help students with word recognition and production, the use of words in context and the correct production of words. Structure: The grammar curriculum is based on a needs-analysis of the most important grammatical points required to reach ICAO level 4 and above. Comprehension: The comprehension curriculum includes understanding a wide variety of international accents, concept-checking exercises and the vocabulary and grammar as taught in the curriculum. Fluency: The fluency curriculum teaches appropriate rate of speech and minimizes pausing Pronunciation: Phonemes, word stress, rhythm, intonation are addressed to enable clear English communication in multiple environments Interactions: Students are trained on immediate, appropriate and informative responses with the ability to maintain exchanges in the event of unanticipated circumstances Personalized Training Resources & Exercises Speaking Professor: Converts text to speech so that students can listen and read simultaneously Aviation Word Book:  2,000 of the most important words for ICAO Level 4 proficiency. Students create their own personal Word Book and automatically generate practice exercises My Dictionary: Students create their own personal dictionary and practice exercises My Aviation Grammar: A reference source of the 49 most important structures and tenses Pronunciation: Personalized assessment analyzes each individual’s English pronunciation skills and an Intelligent Tutor tailors instruction based on the student’s native language and individual proficiency. My Messages: Build language-learning communities via messaging to other students and managers My Results: Reported by exercise and skill For further information about the programme please visit www.climb-level4.com
Special prices for associates of APROCTA: Programme Hours limit Date limit Price Shuttle 5 hours 1 week EUR 32 Shuttle 30 100 hours 1 month EUR 95 Shuttle 60 100 hours 2 months EUR 175 Short-Haul 150 hours 3 months EUR 238 Long-Haul 150 hours 6 months EUR 337 Stopover 150 hours 9 months EUR 397
Alternatively, payment can be sent directly to: Account name: CLIMB LEVEL 4 CORPORATION Account number: 2000044672023 Bank Name: WACHOVIA BANK NA Bank address: 50 SW 84th AVE, PLANTATION, FL 33324, USA ABA Routing Number: 063000021 International SWIFT Code: PNBPUS33 Please remember that you are responsible for the payment of ALL the bank charges.
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